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Dr Gabby is a multidisciplinary allied health professional who loves to share her knowledge through writing to help people like you.

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  • Maston G, Gibson A.A, Kahlaee H.R, Franklin J, Manson E, Sainsbury A, and Markovic T.P. Effectiveness and characterization of severely energy-restricted diets in people with class III obesity: systematic review and meta-analysis. (2019) Behavioural Sciences; 9(12)  (click here to view)
  •  Maston G, Franklin J, Gibson A.A, Manson E, Hocking H, Sainsbury A, and Markovic T.P. Attitudes and approaches to the use of meal replacement products among healthcare professionals in the management of excess weight. (2020) Behavioural Sciences; 10(9) (click here to view)
  • Maston G, Franklin J, Hocking S, Swinbourne J, Gibson A.A, Manson E, Sainsbury A, and Markovic T.P. Dietary Adherence and Program Attrition During a Severely Energy-Restricted Diet among People with Complex Class III Obesity: A Qualitative Exploration. PLOS ONE 16, no. 6 (2021): e0253127. (click here to view)
  • Maston G, Kahlaee H.R, Franklin J, Manson E, Gibson A.A, Hocking S, Sainsbury A, and Markovic T.P Real-world adherence to a severely energy restricted meal replacement diet in participants with class II and III obesity. Journal of Obesity. 2021 (click here to view)
  • Badorrek S, Maston G, Sarcopenic Obesity and T2D. Diabetes Educator. Vol 25.2 (2022). (not available for viewing, behind a paywall) 
  • Franklin J, Sim KA, Swinbourne JM, Maston GManson E, Nelthorpe H, Markovic T and Hocking S. Obesity, lifestyle behaviours and psychological effects of the COVID-19 lockdown: A survey of patients attending a tertiary weight loss clinic. Clinical Obesity. 2022

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